Jessica earned a degree in Business Administration-Marketing at the University of North Texas. Demonstrating her passion for football, she held multiple positions, often simultaneously, in the football business during college. In these positions, she worked directly with NFL prospects and players, trainers and vendors in a marketing, sales and logistics capacity. Even prior to graduating, she landed a full time position with Michael Johnson Performance NFL Combine training center.

At MJP, Jessica’s very diverse work experience included working directly with more than 250 NFL players in the areas of players’ travel, housing, training, position coaching, interview preparation, nutrition and NFL Combine activities. During her 4 year tenure at MJP, it quickly ascended to a Top 5 nationally rated NFL training facility. Jessica’s vast experience meeting the needs of elite players, along with her energy, warm personality and organizational skills, uniquely qualify her to be serving our clients’ day to day needs. Jessica chose to join SportsTrust over offers from several other established NFL agencies, so we are very fortunate to have her on our team.