Branding & Marketing

Our marketing team builds our clients’ brands in a comprehensive fashion that is custom tailored to each client’s personal branding objectives.

Kenyan Drake x Verizon Wireless

Eddie Jackson featured on Eastbay Magazine Cover

Geno Atkins and his wife, Kristen, during their annual Week of Giving

Dont'a Hightower at his annual fundraiser for the ADA

Systematically activate all facets of a client’s brand – endorsements, appearances, social media, product partnerships, community initiatives and media opportunities

Consistently exceed client expectations in branding regardless of their position or market

More than 100 years’ combined experience branding and marketing athletes

Long-standing relationships with all NFL teams, sponsors, vendors, licensees, and media

Expert knowledge and assistance with social media and sports media to enhance client’s brand

Immediate impact on pre-draft exposure and income for rookies through social and traditional media, appearances, and endorsements

Career-long proactive approach in generating opportunities for every client on local, regional, and national basis

  • Product endorsements
  • Shoe/apparel contracts
  • Trading card deals
  • Paid personal appearances
  • Sports memorabilia opportunities
  • Licensing opportunities
  • Radio/television shows
  • Speaking engagements
  • In-kind brand partnerships
  • Paid social media opportunities
  • Strategic social media growth plan
  • Social media verification

Extensive experience and network with strategic partners and NFL for creation and development of clients’ foundations

Extensive experience coordinating, promoting, and executing clients’ charity events such as football camps, fundraisers, and community interaction

Extensive experience and network with NFL media enables us to create exposure and protect our clients’ public image and brand at all times